Bench series #33

For the month of August I’m looking for a colourful bench

(This month I want to see photos of a bench that is painted or stained or otherwise coloured in some way. Not the plain wooden variety unless there is some colour detail)

Mosaic Bench
Mosaic Bench in Cranbrook
Mosaic Bench

If you would like to join in with the Bench photo challenge then please take a look at my Bench Series page. No complicated rules, just a bench and a camera required 🙂

  • Create your own post and title it Bench Series: August
  • Include a link to this page in your post so others can find it too
  • Add the tag ‘bench series’ so everyone can find the benches easily in the WP Reader
  • Get your post in by the end of the month, as the new bench theme comes out on the first Sunday in September.

My Picks of the Week:

Violetsky has an unusual colourful bench this week and Tgeriatrix has more mosaics from Spain. Colline is all hot-pink in Toronto and staying in Canada Amy takes us on  a delightful stroll with a bright blue bench at the end. Ruth finds some comfy ‘benches’ over in Tasmania that you might not want to sit in at the moment.

As always there are so many delightful benches to view, I hope you will check out the other links within the comment section.


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I live in the UK, but when I was younger I spent several years travelling the world followed by a period living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

49 thoughts on “Bench series #33”

    1. It is a church, but known as the cathedral of the Wealds as it is quite large and important. if you click on the Cranbrook link beneath the photo it will take you to a post about the town and the church.

  1. Very colourful.
    In retrospect, I realise my previous post might be appropriate for your bench series, but the benches are not the focal point of the photos. Does that matter? I’ll await your judgement before attaching a link.

    1. That’s funny (haha…) as I glanced at your recent post and immediately noticed the colourful benches! I didn’t comment as I have had visitors so only had time for a brief visit to other blogs, but YES, please link your post, that would be grand 😀

  2. Well this certainly got me thinking! I love bright colours and my flower/garden pictures are usually extremely colourful. I’ve searched through my pictures but can only find photos of benches in ‘tasteful shades’ … which is so not like me (or so I thought!) Looks like I’ve been editing pictures before I’ve even taken them! I’m now on the lookout for something to fit your theme this month so I can join in. In the meantime I’m following your blog and feeling inspired by all the beautiful photos taken by you and your readers.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Gillian and welcome aboard. If you read the Bench Photo Challenge Page (left menu) you can see what the themes are to come so you can keep your eye open for a bench that fits 😀

      1. That’s a good point! I imagine it’s probably not outstandingly comfortable. Part of the problem for me is it is just so consciously a work of art. If I actually used it, I feel I might be constantly looking around for some curator to scold me. It’d be like sitting on a Rembrandt! It’s certainly lovely to look at, though.

        1. You do have a guilty conscience 😀
          It wasn’t actually in the best location for sitting, as I recall, and you have to bear with me as this was last year and my memory is not what it was, but it was on the way out of the car park and there was no view from it, which is a shame because it is an exceptionally pretty village (click on the Cranbrook link beneath the first image)

    1. I think they were well stuck down, I didn’t spot any loose ones, I can’t vouch for the comfort though, so you might want to take a cushion.

  3. I like the bean-bag seating, but I am not sure I would find it that easy to get back out of them. I have to go with your mosaic bench, as it has a windmill! (For obvious reasons…)
    Regards as always, Pete. x

  4. This is very lovely, Jude. I’d like to see this in person. I’m sorry but I’m struggling bigtime to catch up this week and doubt if I’ll get to post coloured benches, though thinking back I do have a few. And then I see Draco’s left a link too! Will have to find time to visit him later. I’m only halfway through my comments let alone the return visits!
    What was that mother said about devil making work for idle hands? I should be saintly! 🙂

    1. Not to worry Jo. If you have time then fine, if not well there is always another month. I guess you are preparing for Portugal now. Not long before you have days of blue skies!

      1. Not so much preparing for Portugal as catching up from Bristol. It’s surprising the difference a couple of days offline can make. I took over 700 photos so it’s a good job I don’t edit. I only post the ones I like but I’ll still have a lot to fit in before I go. 🙂

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