Bench series #47

For the month of November I’m looking for a bench with either a message OR  an Autumnal theme

(any kind of writing will do, it could be a message, a plaque, a dedication or even a map)

Latin; literally 'hear the other side'.
audi partem alteram – bench in Bishop’s Castle Shropshire

The Latin maxim audi alteram partem, one of the most cherished and sacrosanct principles of law, has evolved from three simple Latin words to mean that no person shall be condemned, punished or have any property or legal right compromised by a court of law without having heard that person. Literally – “listen to the other side”

…and no, I don’t know why the words on this bench are in the incorrect order.

If you would like to join in with the Bench photo challenge then please take a look at my Bench Series page. No complicated rules, just a bench and a camera required :)

  • Create your own post and title it Bench Series: November
  • Include a link to this page in your post so others can find it too
  • Add the tag ‘bench series’ so everyone can find the benches easily in the WP Reader
  • Get your post in by the end of the month, as the new bench theme comes out on the first Sunday in December.

My Picks of the Week:

First off, Debbie brings us a bench with history, as does Anabel whilst Violetsky has a poignant message this week and Eklastic finds a sad memorial. Whoever Charles was, I love his curvy bench, brought to you by Kaz, and then there is a trio of autumnal benches by Jo, Majka and Gilly. And a bench with its own phone number? Perhaps you have to ring ahead to reserve a seat ;-)
And finally a bit more Gaelic from Elaine “O sit closer and let us sing a song”
(There seems to be quite a few Scottish links this week – even from the USA)

As always there are so many delightful benches to view, I hope you will check out the other links within the comment section.

Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons #11

The penultimate month of this year-long challenge. There was a time when I thought I might not be here to finish off the year as a move was on the cards. Still is I hope, but not this year. Still I am more than happy to have had a year to record the changes here in my adopted town and gather some memories.

The trees have gone from green to orange and yellow and umbers and ambers since my last post. The copper beech I can see from my house turned red, then orange and is now a golden-coppery colour. That is the few leaves that remain. Fog and rain since the beginning of the month has had their toll, but today I went out shortly before sunset after a shower to gather in the remains of autumn.

Date: November 13 2015
Weather: sunshine and showers, chilly wind
Temperature: Cold (9°C)
Time: 3:45 – 4:45 PM

I’d hoped to catch a sunset as the sky had cleared after a heavy rainstorm. Grabbing my new lens I wrapped up warm as the temperature has finally fallen to below 10°C in the wind chill and headed up to the square where the last of the market traders were packing away.

Since it was cold and the ground wet from the recent storm I decided to just do a circuit of the castle and see what I could find, but naturally I have to show you what the pollarded limes are doing now.

Pollarded limes (linden trees)

You may notice that the Christmas lights have been hung up between the trees, but I shall try to capture them once they are turned on at the end of the month.

Abstract bronze sculpture with green patina by Thomas Seren

Heading through the town walls and alongside the castle it was obvious that I was not going to see a stunning sunset as clouds were gathering on the horizon. Dodging the larger puddles I walked under the castle hoping to get a view of the countryside now that the trees were losing their leaves. Layers of decaying vegetation and still fluffy seed-heads of Rosebay willowherb lining the track.

and there was a hint of pink in the sky to the north.


An arty shot over Whitcliffe

Leaves, fallen, brown and soggy now littered the pathway making it almost as slippery as black ice. The air was cold. My fingers numb by now. Time to head back to town via the Linney.

Setting sun

The Cardinal has decided to have a photo project going throughout 2015 – a blogging event, a monthly photo challenge. Find a location near your home, take somewhere between 5-20 photos and post them in a gallery in your blog. Continue to do this every month. The idea is to capture all the changes: the seasons, the weather, different times of the day, some night photography perhaps?