postcard from america

Pier 39 – San Francisco

Who would have thought that sea-lions had so many collective nouns?

  1. A bob of sea lions
  2. A colony of sea lions
  3. A crash of sea lions
  4. A flock of sea lions
  5. A harem of sea lions  ………….. a group of females with one male
  6. A herd of sea lions
  7. A hurdle of sea lions
  8. A pod of sea lions
  9. A raft of sea lions
  10. A rookery of sea lions
  11. A team of sea lions

Which is your favourite?


Black and White Sunday: Maternal

Don’t you just go “ahhh…” when you see fluffy ducklings? This mother had her work cut out keeping tabs on her brood of five on the River Teme. They were constantly ducking and diving 🙂

In honour of Mother’s Day in Australia and New Zealand, South Africa and the USA and parts of Europe it appears, though not Poland.

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