Paris Focus: Jardin des Plantes

The final post in my Paris series is another short walk in the 5th Arrondissement, taking in the markets and food shops along Rue Mouffetard en route to the Jardin des Plantes, a 400-year-old garden of science.

Our walk began at the Fountain of Guy Lartigue after exiting the Metro at Les Gobelins a short stroll away. First had to be the Rue Mouffetard market and a look at the lovely buildings in this area.

At the far end of the road we reached Place de la Contrescarpe and turned right onto Rue Lacépède. Crossing over Rue Monge, a busy road, we continued along

Rue Lacépède, stopping every now and then to photograph interesting shops and buildings. The lovely wrought-iron balconies a particular favourite of mine. Continue reading Paris Focus: Jardin des Plantes


Paris Focus: A Stroll along the Seine

The second walk in the Paris revivals. This is a walk from the Eiffel Tower alongside the Seine to the Musée de l’Orangerie, criss-crossing the river and stopping at various interesting places along the way. The map above shows the two endpoints but I can’t seem to save the actual route.

Leaving the Metro at Trocadéro I walked through Jardins du Trocadéro and across the bridge to the Eiffel Tower. I had no interest in going up the tower, I think on my first visit in 1972 I went part way up, to the second floor, but you weren’t able to go to the top floor for some reason. No doubt a lot has changed.

I still had a wander around at ground level though, taking photos of the wonderful Jacaranda trees in bloom at the time, as well as the Horse Chestnuts.

I continued along the quayside on the left bank passing by an unusual war memorial to those who lost their lives in the Algerian Wars (the Maghreb region of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria). This war from 1954 to 1962 led to Algeria gaining its independence from France.

Just along from here is the pretty Debilly footbridge,

but I continued to the next bridge, Pont des Invalides, where I crossed over and into the quaint little Jardin de la Nouvelle France close to the Grand Palais, which is what I came to look at. Continue reading Paris Focus: A Stroll along the Seine

Calling Time

Some Time Squares that didn’t feature during December’s Squares challenge hosted by the lovely Becky.

At the beginning of this challenge I didn’t think I would have very much to post, but surprisingly I did find a number of clocks among my archives along with a little bit of thinking outside the box. Or should that be square?

I even saw this one (above) last week on a trip into Penzance. And I am sure I will be seeing clocks all over the place for some time to come.

I don’t know if Becky will continue to run her square challenges during this year, but if she does maybe she will alter the timing so the months don’t coincide with her busiest periods. Thank you once again Becky for a wonderful challenging month! And thank you for popping in to view my squares. Your visits are very much appreciated.

Time x Square

Your last chance to join in with December’s Squares hosted by the lovely Becky. The photos don’t necessarily have to be of a timepiece, but are open to interpretation to reflect time in some way, or sayings such as ‘the passing of time’, ‘a stitch in time’, or time running away from you.

Day 31: Arborglyph

An arborglyph is tree writing — words or pictures carved into the bark of a tree. Smooth-barked tree species, such as beeches, birches, and aspens, are most frequently carved. Some of the carvings are historically or culturally significant

Carving a heart and name or initials of a loved one into the bark of a tree can allow your feelings to live on for many years as trees can live for hundreds of years if not thousands.

Although carving a heart into a tree won’t hurt it, it may encourage others to do the same causing disfigurement. And unless the tree belongs to you, it is also considered vandalism. So, better to respect the tree and if you really want to show your feelings consider a tattoo on your own body. Or better still engraved on a silver locket…

Thanks once again to Becky for another delightful and fascinating Square challenge. She is definitely the Queen of Squares and a wonderful hostess.

December Squares | Day Thirty-one