No leeks…

…but lots of other Welsh subjects to celebrate St David’s Day today (1 March)

collage for St David's Day

Clockwise from top left: Burry Port lighthouse, Pembroke Castle, Red Kite, Laugharne Castle, Dylan Thomas Writing Shed, Weobley Castle, Harbourmaster Hotel Aberaeron, Dinefwr Castle, Kidwelly Castle, Daffodils, Spring lambs, Rhossili Beach, St Mary the Virgin Rhossili, Dylan Thomas Boathouse, River Aeron, Dryslwyn Castle
Centre: The Black Mountains Range (Brecon Beacons)

Living on the English / Welsh border I have been fortunate to explore the lovely Welsh counties and its many, many castles and beaches and landscapes.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

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I live in the UK, but when I was younger I spent several years travelling the world followed by a period living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

44 thoughts on “No leeks…”

  1. Don’t go all Welsh on us now, Jude! You will be writing in Kernow-ese next year…
    Nice shots indeed, very suitable to mark the day.
    Regards as always, Pete. x

      1. Ambiwlans was always an easy one to work out, when I was in my old job!
        You will need a Cornish black and white flag sticker for you car too, pretend you’re not an ‘incomer’…

      1. Me too! 🙂 Looks wonderful. Makes me want to go to Wales. The first day of spring and we have freezing rain in the Rhine Valley. Now I’ll look up Kernow-ese, I have no idea where it is .. 😉

    1. Ah, but that lovely soft rain is what makes it so beautiful and green. A bit like New Zealand’s green. We have been quite lucky with the weather on our trips really, though a Christmas week was pretty bleak!

  2. Oh Jude, it’s so beautiful. I tried to choose a favourite from all your images but they are all too lovely. Wales is one of the places I really want to visit for an extended time. We’ll be in UK in September to visit our daughter and we have debated at length about our itinerary. We just can’t fit in everywhere so we’re not doing Wales this time, which just means we will have to go back again.

    1. We have been lucky in our short breaks in Wales, and of course it is only about 10 minutes to the border from here, though a good 2 hours to the coast. You have made me curious about your itinerary now… 🙂

      1. Well, we haven’t made any firm decisions yet but we’re thinking of going right along the south coast from east to west. We have to see our friends in Portsmouth. Mr ET wants to go to Land’s End so we would go there and then head north. Our daughter is living in Manchester and we want to base ourselves there to see Liverpool, Leeds and Chester. Then we will do a round trip to Yorkshire and the Lakes District. We will have just over four weeks.

        1. Wow! That’s a lot to pack in to 4 weeks! If you do make it to Land’s End we must make a date to meet up and have a coffee. Hopefully we will be settled by then!

  3. Gorgeous images to celebrate St. David’s Day. Love the cute lighthouse and the gambolling lambs. I remember going camping in Wales shortly after our daughter was born. There was a storm on the first night and our tent blew away. Oh misery! Never again. 😕

  4. Have you noticed it’s almost impossible to say Brecon Beacons without putting on a Welsh accent? Or is that just me?

    When I was driving around Wales, I had to write down each of the turn offs on a piece of paper because it was too hard to remember the names, some of which were fourteen characters long with no vowels.

    1. Hahaha… you have me in stitches MOSY. And yes, I know all about the Welsh accent. I cannot help myself. Then again I can’t help myself with an Essex accent either. And as for those women with helium voices or the gravelly/breathless ones! My poor OH is in tears sometimes 🙂

  5. Perfect for March 1st, even if I’m a few days late. I really can’t wait to explore your neck of this beautiful isle, and the more gorgeous photos of yours I see, the more impatient I become! 🙂

        1. I do hope I will someday, Jude! As for the plans for Europe, they’re to come after my next trip. Last weekend Mike and I went to Philadelphia for a long weekend (his birthday); that took some planning as we’d never been there before. From March 20-31, I’m going to Dallas and Oklahoma City to visit friends (and attend a wedding) and family, so I need to plan that first. Then I can focus in on our trip to Prague and Budapest. 🙂

        2. It must be nice to be travelling around, even in your own country. I enjoy exploring new places here in the UK and you have so much more variety in the States. I know nothing about Oklahoma City so hope you will blog about it.

        3. I’m happy to have a chance to travel here in the US, Jude, especially to places I’ve never been before; there are many places here I’ve never seen (like Philly which is only 3 hours away!). I’ll definitely blog about my time in Dallas and Oklahoma City. I’m excited to hang out with people I’ve known all my life (my old high school friends and my aunt, my mother’s sister, who I haven’t seen since my mom’s funeral in 2002).

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