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For those of you who have popped in to see the usual Sunday bench challenge, I’m sorry to say it has finished. I know I could have continued for longer, but it is a new year so how about a new challenge? This year I am running a challenge on my Garden / Flower blog but it is not just for the gardeners amongst you as the monthly themes are quite broad. It has more to do with focusing on what is around you and maybe seeing things in a different way. I hope you will join in – as with the benches I will post every Sunday and the theme will change every month. So get those cameras out and start clicking!

Earth laughs in flowers

Welcome to the first month of the Garden Photo Challenge. This challenge is designed to challenge ourselves with the type of photos we take in and around a garden, to focus on things we might not notice, to consider different angles and to take time to frame and compose an image so that every photo is one you will want to keep. Many of the monthly themes are quite broad, leaving the subject up to you, the photographer. I may offer some suggestions, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow them. I think that digital photography has made me lazy, I click at everything and then end up with hundreds of photos that never see the light of day again. I mean who really needs fifty shots of the same leaf? No, this year I intend to slow down, take less, but create more and I hope that some…

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