The Rebellious Rabbit

For those of you who have been reading about my antics I thought I should give MY side of the story. My name is Peanut and I am the brown rabbit with a personality disorder that Heyjude is looking after this week. I don’t really like Humans. How would you feel with a name like Peanut? It was OK when I was a tiny baby bunny, but I grew. And grew. I was supposed to be a dwarf lop-eared rabbit, but I think my mother must have been playing around a bit, because there is no way that I am a dwarf rabbit. I mean, have you seen the size of my feet?

My lovely lop ear

As I am a bit of a boisterous boy who likes to kick off at times, I found myself at the vets. Where they discovered that I am in fact a boy, Not a lady rabbit as was requested. And they decided to chop off my ‘bits’. Would YOU trust Humans if they did that to you? No, I didn’t think so. And there is a rumour in the Rabbit World that some women are known as ‘bunny boilers’. So ladies, stay away from me. Please.

Catch me if you can...
Catch me if you can…

My friend is George. Now that’s a good, strong masculine name. I wish I was called George, but it would become confusing to have two of us. George is the blue-eyed boy. Literally. He’s a bit of a softie and likes to be picked up and stroked. Makes me wince, but he does also like to lick me behind my ears so he’s not a bad friend to have. And we do a few bunny hops together.

Peanut and George
Me and George

So there you are. A real rabbit. With attitude. 🙂


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I now live back in the UK, but spent several years travelling the world and then living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

83 thoughts on “The Rebellious Rabbit”

  1. I love your personality, Peanut. You’re absolutely right about the awful things we humans do to you rabbits. I’m very glad you’ve got a good rabbit friend: having your ears licked must be a great comfort when the world looks too human-awful.

    (Great job of rabbit-channelling, Jude!)

    1. it’s the way he looks at me. All sad-eyed. I did allow him out, twice, yesterday and left the run door open so he could get back in. Trouble is the rabbits share with 3 guinea-pigs and I don’t want them to get out as the cat will probably eat them! (Rat no 2 left this morning…)

  2. I have to say that you are a most attractive example of a rabbit, Peanut. I quite like your name as well. You have a pleasing colour to your fur, and your lop ears are just at the right angle of ‘lop’. George should not be envied at all, as white rabbits are far too common.
    If I get the chance, I will come and chase you.
    Regards from Ollie. (That’s me, in the small photo.)

  3. Peanut? Really? Mate, you gotta get yourself a new handle. Somethin’ with attitude. I wouldn’t be pinin’ after a name like George. It’s a bit ponsy, mate. What about Rocky? Or Killer? That’ll let ’em know where they stand, I reckon.

    1. I LIKE the idea of ‘Killer’ but I reckon the cat has the skills for that one. Now ‘Rocky’ might be good. I shall leave some hints for the Humans when they return.

  4. I got a big surprise coming over here to catch up Jude, only to see your blog taken over by the gorgeous Peanut 😀 Did I tell you that we acquired a new pet for our menagerie about 4 weeks ago, a bunny called Nate Bunnykins? We are in love! I wanted to do a post about him and will be, but am signing off blogging today (wrapping up as the week goes on) for reasons which I’ll explain in my post, so it will have to wait, unfortunately. But I loved reading about the antics of Peanut and George. Our bunny is 4 months old and will soon be getting the snip. We did find out he is definitely a boy and will tell the story of why we got him. Anyway, I gather from this post you are bunny-sitting and I hope it all goes well this week! The neighbours are looking after our cats when we go to France in a couple of weeks but I’m hoping the bunny won’t be too much for them. Not to mention the quails. I’m in talks with my mum. Don’t suppose you are free to housesit for a zoo are you, haha ? 😉 🙂 😉

    1. I know Sherri, can’t leave your laptop alone for a second here! Peanut and George are only 4 months old believe it or not! I hope your boy is better behaved. (Peanut says he doesn’t reckon much to Bunnykins, but wonders where Nate comes from?) Feeding the menagerie is OK, but the cleaning and emptying litter trays is a bit much… as for the cat and the R.A.T.S …yuckky!

      I’d rather come to France with you. Pleeease…

  5. Peanut? No wonder he’s got an attitude, and losing his bits would have been the last straw…. That said, give me guinea pigs any day!

    1. The guinea pigs are no problem though we do have a ‘Prima Donna’ – Cupcake a long-haired one who runs around bossing everyone else and squeaking loudly if I so much as look at her!

      1. Are they friendly…. I had guinea pigs as a child, and they were handled from very young, very happy to be picked up and stroked and they would purr happily!

        1. One is friendly. One is neurotic and elderly. One is the prima donna and runs away squeaking as if I’ve shot her if I so much as try to pick her up. My brother had guinea pigs when we were kids and I loved cuddling them. I also got paid to clean the hutch out!

    1. Since George and I were discovered to be males and had our bits removed we have been the best of friends. I follow him around the garden, he doesn’t mind, but I don’t follow him into the house. Smells of Humans. We don’t like rats either. We hate foxes more.

  6. Love Peanut and George.. Lovely commentary and pictures 🙂 When my children were small they had a Dutch rabbit.. who would come in and out of the house and who was very house trained 🙂 and love to lay flat out in the sun.. Peanut types extremely well with his paws 🙂 :-D..
    Have a beautiful week xxx

    1. George thinks he is a house rabbit, but he chews cords and I don’t want him to electrocute himself! Peanut says thank you for the compliment and he loves to lay out flat too, though not today as it is raining.

      1. 🙂 Yes Rabbits love to chew and when I was 15 I had a new handbag.. It was my pride and joy.. My sister brought Snowy our pet rabbit indoors and it chewed its way through the handle of my Bag.. A Good thing that Chain belts were then in fashion.. and my dad was able to repair it by making my bag look even more trendy 🙂

  7. Well Peanut I think you’re rather handsome and I’m sorry you’ve lost your bits and can’t share those good looks around the bunny girls. At least the human looking after you is a good one who doesn’t mind getting a bit damp so you get your breakfast, are the dandelions and carrots fresh? I’d visit but the Border Terrorists would howl and chase you, sorry. x:-)x

    1. Border terrorists? Goodness, no, keep them away, it’s bad enough that wrinkly Ollie has taken a fancy to me! Unfortunately dandelions upset my stomach and we only get fed a few carrots between us as apparently they contain too much sugar and are BAD for us! (Didn’t seem to matter to Peter Rabbit and I have read all his books). Us rabbits are fond of sweet things and I am hoping the Human lets us have a nibble of that melon in the fridge.

  8. Well, you’re just about the cutest l’il Peanut I’ve laid eyes on. I don’t know WHAT Ms. Jude is carryin’ on about with your misbehavin’ ‘n shenanigans.

    1. Nothing to do with me Sue. Peanut definitely has attitude, though I did actually manage a cuddle with him today. Not sure he was impressed! Ankle a bit swollen again now so I have an ice pack against it 😦

        1. Mmm… even the small amount of walking I have done today around the house (and feeding / cleaning pets) has caused it to swell again …sigh!

        2. Sorry to hear that Jude. If it persists or is worsening you may want to have it looked at. 😦 I walked around for three days on a foot that I said could not possibly be broken. So much for my nursing assessment.( I stumbled getting out of bed)

  9. This is fabulous, Jude! A new career as a modern day Beatrix Potter? 🙂 Made me smile throughout, and I like a rabbit with personality, even if it is slightly disordered. It’s highly understandable in the circumstances. 😦 The photos are great too. One up on Beatrix there 🙂
    I have a friend with a rather large ‘house’ rabbit, who has a tendency to burrow into the back of her 3 piece (from the rear!). She’s just moved house to a place with laminate flooring and he is currently learning to skate 🙂

      1. Saw Peter Rabbit in his new home this morning. My friend has a cardboard castle for him to play in (!!!) and she’s bought a huge rug so he doesn’t slither too much 🙂

  10. Whisper this VERY quietly Jude so Peanut doesn’t hear, but my uncle Alf used to breed rabbits during the war in hutches in the back yard and as a small girl I used to take them out on the lawn to play with them. But they always used to be disappearing!!!! Your cute story brought all those memories back…

    1. I may have, ahem, scratched her a bit, but I am very anxious and wary of people. I did let her stroke me yesterday. Maybe we’ll become friends.

  11. I simply love rabbits and an entire rabbit post made me smile 🙂
    …but I didn’t know what a rabbit boiler was and was APPALLED when I looked it up. Sheesh!! What’s wrong with people?! 😉

    I can’t comment on Peanut’s name because the name of my son’s rabbit was sooo unoriginal … Bunny. He was a wonderful little character and an Alpha Male. He was a little Napoleon trying to rule the menagerie in the house where my son lived in university. I had no idea rabbits could be so assertive.

    Now I tend to think of all rabbits as simply Bunny.

    1. Peanut is trying to persuade Robyn (his owner) that Rocky is much more suitable. He rather likes the idea of being the Alpha Male, but is a bit too anxious. He’s more of a follower than a leader.

  12. Re the conversation we had over at mine this week – I missed this truly important post from Peanut – where was this in my reader?
    He looks in fine fettle. A friend of mine had a rabbit, very similar, called Albert. He lived partially in their house and had an old paddling pool in the kitchen (no water in it, obviously), where he went to feed and do his other business. He lived to a ripe old age for a rabbit, so I’m told and was almost obedient. Can rabbits understand us humans?

    1. I’m sure they can Jenny, they just pretend not to! We had a rabbit when we were kids and it stayed in the hutch pretty much all the time, when I think about it now that was very cruel as they love to run and jump about.

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