The difference a year makes…

Last year I was involved in a fascinating project run by Lisa of the blog NorthWest Frame of Mind to show what was happening in different parts of the world at the same time of day. One of the most interesting and challenging projects I have participated in. Anyway, one of my ‘hours‘ was to show the back of my Ludlow house and the abandoned allotment.

At the back

Last year poppies flourished and all matter of weeds wild-flowers grew. This year the plot is smothered in Valerian of all shades – deep red, deep pink and even white. Of the poppies there has been no sign. But the most magnificent rambling rose is tumbling over the wall and the potting shed has practically disappeared from view as the ivy reclaims it.

Last Year

This Year

And a neigbourhood cat has claimed it for his crash-pad.


I shall link this post to the WPC Muse as Ludlow seems to have been a major source of inspiration for my photography over the last four years. The history of this Medieval town is fascinating; its importance hundreds of years ago when royalty lived in and visited the castle; the battles fought here in the War of the Roses. Its very position on the Marches – the turbulent Welsh/English border. With the rolling countryside surrounding the town and the wonderful open-air markets selling local produce along with all the festivals held each year this place has contributed enormously to my blog. I just hope I haven’t bored you 😀


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I live in the UK, but when I was younger I spent several years travelling the world followed by a period living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

52 thoughts on “The difference a year makes…”

  1. I can never get bored with Ludlow Jude. And I promise not to get bored with Cornwall, once you settle there.
    The rose is lovely, and I like the way it ‘tumbles’ over that wall.
    Regards as always, Pete. x

        1. Well YOU certainly do Cathy 😀
          I wonder where you’ll be heading next? (After spending Christmas at home that is…)

  2. It has never been boring Jude, but the transformation in a year is nothing short of amazing. Mother Nature appears to have pulled out all the stops!

    1. True! That poor little potting shed is almost no more! It is probably the source of all the big black spiders that keep coming inside my home 😦

  3. Wow what a difference, an about face, an over-abundance. Mother Nature is smiling this year or in a better frame of mind. 😀 😀
    Always love your pictures and continue to enjoy with you, although being there is much better I’m sure. ❤ ❤

    1. There is very little of the old part of Ludlow that hasn’t been photographed by me, but I probably haven’t shared ALL my photos… YET!

    1. I’m only sorry I didn’t photograph it when it was actually used to grow veggies. Though maybe I did? Must have a look through the old folders.

  4. Wipe the last sentence! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the pleasures of Ludlow, which is one of those places that just keeps giving. I love the difference in the block behind you. Mere nature? Or human planting? You use circle frames beautifully – and maybe I’ll swap cats!

    1. It is an interesting town with loads to give. This little patch was once cultivated for vegetables, but abandoned a couple of years ago. The roses come from the white cottage behind me, but all that valerian is just naturally grown from last year’s seed. I am always pulling it out of my pots!
      I love that cat – he looks just like my old cat Ben, such a softie.

  5. You have such an interesting place to live (for the moment, and I’m sure where ever you move next is going to be just as interesting to share with us!!!) and it has produced so many interesting and varied posts Jude, never boring. Those then and now comparisons are amazing. Was all that transformation achieved by Mother Nature on her own or did she get some help?….

    1. Such a shame she didn’t win the match, she played really well against Serena who can be very intimidating! I don’t know what’s worse, watching a Brit lose or win, lots of breath-holding!

      1. So close but in the end Serena turned up the heat at the right moment. I’m off tennis, but Heather had me rooting for her. Maybe that’s what did it 😦

  6. Far from bored Jude, I’ve loved all your posts about Ludlow and learnt so much. The very thought of a young Tudor prince living in the castle thrills me alone, much less the beauty of the area. Loved the differences in the vegetation and of course the beautify kitty 🙂

    1. The history of this little town is wonderful and inspired me to look at architecture in more detail and also research stories of the buildings. I’m so glad you have enjoyed the posts.

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