Lizard Point

The Lizard peninsula is the most southerly part of the British mainland, a place apart from anywhere else. Dramatic and historic coastline, complex and unique geology and interesting flora and fauna.


The Lizard Lighthouse Heritage Centre with its distinctive twin towers marks the most southerly point of mainland Britain. It is open from March to October and you will find interactive displays and exhibitions about the history of the building. A tower was first built here in 1619 at the expense of philanthropist Sir John Kilgrew. The current beam can be seen for 26 miles. For those of you who love lighthouses,  (Jo, I hope you are reading this), you can climb up to the top of the tower and even sound the foghorn or send messages in Morse code.


And if you are at all interested in staying here those delightful lighthouse cottages are holiday rentals. Just remember the foghorn.


As usual I arrived there too late to gain entry, so I had a little wander down to stand at the tip of the Lizard Point and look out to sea.


Unlike the last time I came this way today is a glorious day, sun shining, warm and hardly any breeze. We are about two miles from Kynance beach and I am heading to the Polpeor Café which is a perfect place to stop off for a cream tea (unless like me you have already had one) as you have spectacular views across the Lizard.


You have the choice of using a meandering footpath or a steep flight of steps. I took the footpath one way and passed this entrance to Polbrean youth hostel. Another amazing place to spend the night in.


The views are simply stunning.

Below the café  is Polpeor Cove, a disused Victorian lifeboat station remains that once bore witness to the RNLI’s largest rescue operation in 1907 saving 167 lives.


I am attracted to a decaying building with the most wonderful lichen covered corrugated iron roof. I retrace my steps and head up the steps amongst the native bluebells, wild garlic, thrift, sea campion and stonecrop which turns the steep cliff sides a deep red. Next time I visit I’ll try to make it in time to climb the lighthouse.


If you enjoy a walk, long or short, then have a look at Jo’s site where you are welcome to join in. I do hope she will forgive me for this extremely short walk.


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I live in the UK, but when I was younger I spent several years travelling the world followed by a period living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

55 thoughts on “Lizard Point”

  1. So nice to see the Lizard through your lens Jude. And on a nice day too! When the sun shines, there is little to match the best of England. And I want to sound that foghorn!
    Regards as always, Pete. x

  2. Short walks are all I can manage now, Jude…I wonder if I could do this one? RIGHT up my street with that disused building!

    1. If you used the path and not the steps you’d be fine on a still day. A bit too windy today though… and I knew you’d like the building as soon as I saw it 🙂

  3. I’d love to stay there!! 🙂 Never mind the foghorn. 😉 Beautiful photos Jude, you are showing us some stunning views from the Lizard.
    Sunny greetings from Bonn, Dina
    soon rushing to the airport again …

  4. It’s unmistakably Cornwall in your photos – fabulous! I smiled at the bit where you said it was the perfect place for a cream tea (if you hadn’t already had one)! We’ve often had that problem in Cornwall – too many places for delicious cream teas!

  5. Ooh you even showed me a map on today’s walk!! 😊. A gorgeous spot which I imagine looks quite different on the days when that foghorn makes the difference between life and death.

    I’m always slightly discombobulated when standing on land edging the sea – safely grounded yet feeling like I should be venturing forth. Wondering where that urge to set sail into the unknown comes from and how any of the early explorers had the courage (faith?) to leave the relative safety of terra firma.

    1. Ha, I thought of you with the map, “Sammy will enjoy this” – and I love your use of discombobulated NOW that must be one of the best words in the English language 😀

      1. Now I have three:


        Sounds like a blogging project in the works … Gather our readers’ favorite words then write posts using the words or matching a photo to each word. Hmmmmm think about it – something we might do together 😋 or perhaps you can do it and I’ll cheer you on with this 🍷🍷🍷 in hand.

        Love from The Queen of Best Intentions and Woeful FollowThrough

        1. At first I thought finding a relateable photo would be easier than the words as a writing prompt. Now I think you and I should propose the prompts and others can do the work whilst we sip vino🍧🍧🍥🍸

  6. A walk of so many pleasures it’s hard to appreciate them all. As always, your post is enriched by the common names of plants, which have their own poetry. I especially like the prospects along paths, so close to the sea, and the sense of drop you give. And what a day!

  7. If only the first day of summer here in Cornwall were the same weather wise as when you visited Jude. I love the Lizard and you’ve showed it off at its very best! 🙂

    1. Ah, yes, yesterday would have been quite a different scene! We were at the Minnack Theatre in the morning and just managed to get a few flower photos before the rain set in, was quite worrying in the wind though!

  8. What a delightful walk, Jude. Yes, I would be up that lighthouse in a jiffy. Jo and I could have a race to the top. 🙂 The cream tea idea really appeals to me, and I know hubby wouldn’t protest either. Gorgeous photos of the views. A beautiful post. 🙂

    1. Oh, yes I can see you and Jo racing up the stairs. You both have very long legs so it could be quite a race! Which one would sound the foghorn first I wonder 😀

  9. What a beautiful day you had, great walking weather. Thank you for sharing this, it looks gorgeous. If only it wasn’t at the opposite end of the UK! You have taken some lovely pictures on your walk.

    1. Thank you Sue. Lots more flowers on the flower blog from this part of the world. And even more on my camera, but they won’t get posted until we get back home. Ms WiFi not making much of an appearance, though we seem to be OK today 🙂

  10. I don’t mind the shortness, Jude. Gives me time to practise my Morse code 🙂 🙂
    Not familiar with the Lizard at all but it looks very beautiful. I especially like that bench shot 🙂 Many thanks for the kind words and the share.

    1. Sigh! I still cannot resist a bench shot. Got a couple of beauties already that I just have to share during one of the remaining months!

  11. I do like visiting lighthouses, so I’ve enjoyed this post very much. Combined with the glorious weather you had when you visited, it looks like you had a lovely afternoon here. Gorgeous photos!

    1. Thank you. It would have been a different story yesterday! I have another lighthouse in mind for a visit next week, not sure if it is open to the public though.

  12. So many gorgeous places to see in Cornwall I enjoyed this one tremendously and as I haven’t had a cream tea for a while I’ll stop by and savour it

    1. I thought I had replied to this but apparently it disappeared 😕
      I am surprised that this building has survived so long given its position!

  13. I wonder if yours is the same cafe where I, as a fairly young child, won the jackpot on a fruit machine. I promptly spent my winnings on a blow up beach ball which equally as promptly blew over the Lizard Point never to be seen again.

  14. I wondered about the name, thinking perhaps lizards are found there or the coast in that region has the outline of a lizard, but no. According to Wikipedia, Lizard Point is “from Cornish an Lysardh, meaning ‘the high court’…”

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