Early one morning…

…just as the sun was rising.


I am not an early riser. Never have been. I’m a night owl. Even as a child you’d find me reading under the blanket with a torch long after I was supposed to be asleep. So the weekly photo challenge  to take a photograph early in the morning has been a real challenge.

DSCF2476Staying on a working farm in the countryside, this is what I captured at 6 am this morning. And yes it was cold in my pjs, and the grass was wet on my bare feet, but you know what? The light really is incredible at this time of day. Perhaps it is not too late for this old dog to learn new tricks…




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I live in the UK, but when I was younger I spent several years travelling the world followed by a period living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

61 thoughts on “Early one morning…”

  1. There is something captivating about early light. Like you, I prefer to stay up late, so only see the early mornings when I have to. When I was going to work at 5am in London, on early shifts, I used to see some great light around all the iconic buildings. But I was always rushing to work, so had no time to consider stopping off for photos.
    Regards as always, Pete. x

  2. There is good reason that photographers dub the early morning (and evening) the Golden Hour…that said, I am rarely up early!

  3. The beautiful light would be a good reason for getting up early, but I must admit, the older I get, the harder I find it. Even after years of getting up at 4:30 for the early shift. It looks like you have been rewarded plentiful for your effort, Jude! :-), the light and the warmth is in your photos are beautiful. The golden hour in the evening is quite nice too, 🙂 anyway, that’s what Siri and Selma say and they mostly refuse to leave their cozy beds before 9 a.m. 😉

  4. Morning breaking over the horizon must be the best time of the day. Awesome photos, Jude. The rest of the world not even moving yet, but the sun takes it’s time sweeping color across the brightening sky. Thank you for sharing. Stunning photos. ❤

  5. Brave brave girl, and barefoot at that. I’m not a morning person either but there’s something incredibly satisfying and magical about capturing the breaking dawn. So I’m oh so grateful someone discovered coffee in South America so I can propel myself robotically out of the front door. I think we’ve had our last early morning swim at Dalebrook Pool until summer though. 🙂

  6. You’re right about the light, Jude. I’m a morning person actually – and the older I get the more morning I become. Even as a twenty something I found staying up past midnight quite a challenge😄
    These pictures are lovely by the way – is this the West Country by any chance?

  7. I’m a morning person so for me to be up after say 10 pm is really unusual. Much as you marvel at the early morning light, night-ness is different for me.

    I’m glad you got up and plodded outside in your bare feet to capture these beautiful photos. However, I’m curious as to what you are doing on a working farm in the countryside. This isn’t your usual terrain is it?

    1. On holiday Jo. In a self-catering cottage on a farm. We love the peace and quiet here and we can explore most of Cornwall from this location. I am so glad you appreciate my effort 😘

  8. I do like that last shot. We might have glorious beaches but you have the most beautiful green scenery. Everything is always so lush and greeeeen! I’m glad you got out of bed early to take these photos.

  9. The light really is spectacular at that time of the day. Like you I am not too often out and about to see it. the photo with the bird captured against the pink sky is gorgeous.

  10. Always an extra thrill to catch a bird, Jude, eh ?
    Lovely shots, m’dear !
    But did you hear a maiden singing in the valley below ?

    1. No maidens – apart from an old one (me), and strangely no birds, though the hedgerows are full of little finches during the day singing their hearts out…

    1. [makes a bow] thank you 🙂
      The light on that barn was a very warm colour. Almost like a sunset. I thought the dawn colours were more blueish? The rest of the yard was cooler, the sun must have risen just high enough to catch that barn.

  11. Gorgeous light Jude well worth getting up for wasn’t it? I’m surprised at the lack of activity evident as it’s a working farm. When my children were little we stayed on a farm on Bodmin moor and had a great time, ahh memories! Enjoy!

    1. The cows were in the fields the night before, I know that because I went to take some sunset shots and they all came over to look at me! This part of the yard is quiet, except when the tractor is in use, but Andy doesn’t do that too early. Thank goodness! They have chickens too, so lovely fresh eggs. A stunning garden. And wonderful views!

        1. Ooh, lucky you. I could have gone there a few years ago with the OH who had a conference there, but I was nervous of being in the city on my own (this wasn’t long after the mugging in Namibia) – I regret being such a wuss now. Enjoy and take lots of lovely photos (maybe even a bench?)

  12. I take my hat off to you Jude, I’m not a morning peson either, but look what you did for your art! Beautiful lighting. And what fun, staying on a working farm! You’ve picked perfect weather too, hope you’re having a lovely time 🙂 xx

    1. I find being on holiday is exhausting! And it is a very quiet farm, not noisy and busy and smelly like a lot of farms I have encountered in Shropshire! I am a very happy woman though – sea, gardens, sun, seafood – bliss 🙂

  13. I miss so much when I miss your posts! That pink sky is the one for me 🙂 I must admit I thought of you when I wrote ‘silly o’clock’ 🙂 Thursday will be dire! I’ve got to get Dad to Special Assistance for a 7.30 flight so leaving home 4.30ish. Don’t tell Mick! (he’s driving to the airport then home again 😦 )

    1. Oh, no, that is a dreadful time. If we have to fly early we always get a hotel at the airport. But then it takes forever to get anywhere from here… I hope you have a good flight!

      1. It’s about 1 hour 15 from here to Leeds Bradford, but we have to pick up Dad and get him checked in. Normally we have hand luggage so it’s straight through. I wouldn’t sleep the night before so not much point in a hotel (and we’re skinflints 🙂 )

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