Once upon a time…

there was a secret garden for fairies in the forest along the road to Potato Point. I kid you not…

(Potato Point is a village in the Eurobodalla Shire lying on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. The Yuin are considered to be the traditional owners of the region.)


An enchanting gum tree decorated with toadstools, butterflies, dragonflies and flowers amongst the discarded eucalyptus leaves.


and a little doorway for small people to enter.


have you ever seen anything like this before?


This post is dedicated to two intelligent, hard-working, inspirational and beautiful Bookfayries, Siri and Selma, who spend their time flitting between Norway, Germany and magical Cley-next-the -Sea.  Time to pack those cases and head for Australia girls?


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I live in the UK, but when I was younger I spent several years travelling the world followed by a period living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

57 thoughts on “Once upon a time…”

    1. It is a wonderful place. I spent a very chilly couple of hours on those marshes two years ago around now in the snow! Fascinating to watch the geese fly overhead.

    2. @ Andrew:
      It’s perfect for birdwatching! 🙂
      @ Jude:
      The next time you come in summer. And Pete, Julie and Ollie too. Siri and Selma will make us a Fayrie Teaparty in their Fayriegarden.

        1. Of course, I should have remembered! The walk through the marshes, from Cley to Blakeney, is one my favourite walks in the area. Did you ever go to the outer Point?

        2. No. We were tired by then and it was too late to get a boat out. I’d like to go out there though one day, when it is less busy.

        3. The nicest tour is to walk from Cley Beach car park, but watch the tides and make sure you go by low tide; after an hour you then have a sandy beach, otherwise only pebbles and they kill you. From Rhu Sila it takes us some 5 hrs (both ways). Even in summer there are hardly anyone around, so nice and peaceful, but I do feel exhausted when it’s over.

        4. That’s good to know. I wasn’t aware that you could access it along the beach, and sand is much easier to walk on than that shingle!

  1. This is so cute and wonderful, Jude! Siri and Selma are sooooooooo proud, hounoured and happy that you have dedicated this Fayriepost to them, thank you so much, tusen takk! ❤ ❤
    Of course Potato Point 🙂 is on the list now!
    Warm greetings from us all,
    Siri and Selma flew straight out to their fayriefriends to tell them they are getting worldwide attention now … 🙂

      1. Hi dear Jude,
        we are, we are!! Asbolutely dizzydead chuffed 😀 😀 You are the best, thank you so much for mentioning us on your lovely blog and putting things straight: may we please copy “intelligent, hard-working, inspirational and beautiful” for our bookshelves?

        We hope for more fayrietalerpocketmoney from Master🚶 and Dina 💃: we want to go to cape Town, of course, but most of all we want to visit this beautiful garden for fairies and maybe also create something similar at home. Keep your fingers crossed, please!
        Lost of fayriedust 🌟✨💫💫✨🌟✨✨🌟💫 from
        the intelligent, hard-working, inspirational and beautiful
        Siri & Selma 👭

        1. Of course you may. I know how hard you both work helping the Master research his blog posts and carrying Dina’s photographer equipment 🙂 I for one appreciate it.
          And I am surprised that you don’t already have a fairy garden with cockle-shells and silver bells and pretty maids all in a row 🙂

    1. Probably the first time Potato Point has been on a northern hemisphere list! People think I’m joking when I give it as my address. The fairy tree sheds great swathes of bark, and has to be renovated every year. I never see the renovations happening. One year we had a troll bridge too.

    1. Somewhat different to my usual travel posts, but I couldn’t help thinking of Dina and the Bookfayries when I saw this tree. Amazing how blogging affects you!!

  2. Hey Jude,
    thank you very, very much for the dedication to Siri and Selma. They are soooo happy 🙂 🙂 Especially after trying the whole night to do a special Holocaust blog. We had to do it, although it was not easy, but Master’s family were part of the bourgeoise resistance.
    Anyway, thanks again 🙂 🙂
    And what a special place this Potato Point is! Siri and Selma are grouching to go there. This is indeed a place where they feel at home.
    We wish you a happy evening
    the Fab 4 of Cley

      1. Dear Jude,
        we feel very much alike!
        Of course we see the suffering in our world but we have the feeling that it helps more being light-hearted than drown into sorrow.
        The Fab 4

      1. Me too. I think the TV series came much later. I first discovered the Borrowers when the first book was serialised in Treasure Magazine – do you remember that one?!!

        1. No, that one escapes me, which is really weird because my dad worked in the newsagency business and we had every comic, children’s annuals and newspaper in our house!

    1. One story is that the old wharf (a bit still remaining) was the drop off point for potatoes being shipped out way back. Don’t know whether that’s the case – it’s a bit prosaic.

    1. I grew up on fairy tales! I loved them, even though some were quite scary! I think todays children probably miss out a lot on being able to use their own imaginations – everything is too organised in their lives. I would spend hours reading and daydreaming in my room. Now they are dragged out on ‘play dates’ all the time.

  3. This is an amazing post, Jude. I knew your eye would educate mine on my home turf, and this post stunningly proves it. I’ve become a bit blinded – just drive past it without noticing – and you saw so much. Lovely images.

    1. I am slowly getting around to posting about my stay in Potato Point! I think we all stop seeing the interesting things around us. I mean, you just drive past all those wallabies, whereas I just wanted to sit and watch them! Giant rabbits to you – incredibly different creatures to me 🙂

        1. No need for apologies Meg. I took it all in and everything is stored away in my head. I loved your company and saw far more than I would have on my own 🙂

    1. I’m sure there are fairies all around you Gilly. I remember my parents visiting a pub somewhere (possibly Dorset) where there was a fairy house in the garden. I’d sit with my bottle of pop and packet of crisps eyeing that house to try and see a fairy go in or come out. Never saw one though. They knew I was watching them.

  4. Love the dedication to Selma and Siri, and the ongoing conversations, Jude. I’ll have to visit Klaus to see the Holocaust post. The time-eating goblin seems to be in charge around here. 🙂

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