Bench series #2

It would appear from the comments left on last week’s bench that this is a topic close to the heart of many photographers (and there I was thinking that I was unique 😕 ) and that many of you would love to join in. So let’s go for it…

Please click on the Bench Photo Challenge  for some simple guidelines and the proposed monthly themes

For the month of January let’s see your GARDEN benches

This is taken from a seat, but there is another one in the picture if you look very carefully.

glenwhan garden silk
Glenwan Garden
  • Create your own post and title it Bench Series: January
  • Include a link to this page in your post so others can find it too
  • Add the tag ‘bench series’ so everyone can find the benches easily in the WP Reader
  • Get your post in by the end of the month, as the new bench theme comes out on the first Sunday in February

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I now live back in the UK, but spent several years travelling the world and then living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

55 thoughts on “Bench series #2”

  1. I found it, but I won’t say where yet, in case anyone else wants the fun of searching. Benches are great, and the view from this one shows that it is very well-situated too.
    Regards as always, Pete. x

  2. What a great quote! And I love the photo. You’ve kicked off your challenge in great style, young lady 🙂 I’ll have something to look for when I’m out walking now, won’t I? I just remembered one that I took this week!

  3. Jude – even if our ideas are not unique we each see and present our world through our own eyes. That makes us unique!

    I know I will enjoy every single bench 😇

  4. Not only a yellow page but a bench challenge. You delight me twice – and again by your photo – and again when you reveal the secret process. I love the look of the themes you’ve chosen. I’ve done a few bench series myself in my time, so I’ll be able to pluck out the odd one to join in.

    Everyone is so busy being creative about their blogging in this new year. I’m still stumbling about somewhere in 2014. Warsaw next week won’t help, although I have got the warsaw2015 blog nearly ready to roll.

  5. Cool, a bench challenge! I have a couple at home that I took in the botanic gardens — I’ll post ’em as my first contribution. 🙂 (I thought the pig-type animal in your photo was a boar, too.)

    1. Well, I guess boars are similar, for some reason I think this is a warthog, though I can’t find any info about it. Maybe the others are on bended knees.

    1. If you click on one of my links above Jo you can have a proper wander around this garden, it is absolutely gorgeous with several very tranquil spaces for meditating.

  6. I would love to sit on the bench near the lake Jude, it looks so peaceful.
    I’m pleased you have started this bench series, I love places to sit when I am exploring a new area.
    This week I would like to join in by showing you the benches in our garden. As the weather is not too good for photography I have reblogged a previous post. Hope you enjoy wandering around and trying out the benches.

    1. Oh you have such a pretty garden, and I love all your benches, but the Buddha bench best of all. Is that a real rattan back or a fake one? A bench is so welcoming and you have so many…

  7. Under the tree to the right at the bottom? Love the effect of this photo. And yes, a bench challenge, I will take a look, sounds great fun 🙂

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