PhotoGRAPHy 101: Week 2

Round-up of week 2 of this challenge and more of my temporary abode. Wi-fi has been in short supply this week mostly due to the corrupt practice that large corporate hotel-chains have of charging exorbitant rates for a connection. Even though we paid for 24 hours in the room, that was restricted to one, yes you read that correctly, one device.  I was able to have an hour free in the lobby with a weak connection. My best connection was in the Customs House library, a lovely place close to the Circular Quays, which was not only free, but also not time restricted.  And, if you are wondering, you also get 45 mins or 300 Mb on the ferries. All of which leads into the first theme of the week:


It seemed appropriate to post an image of Sydney Harbour Bridge aka ‘The Coathanger’ because of its arch-based design, as this iconic bridge connects the north shore and the CBD.


More connections are made at the aforementioned Customs House Library and a rather lovely connection has been made  with a fellow blogger, the irascible ( 😉 )Margaret Rose Stringer who very kindly provided me with a lovely lunch and a good old chin-wag on one of the hottest days in Sydney so far. Arriving hot, sweaty and red in the face she must have thought I was going to expire on her doorstep – blame it on the Pyrmont Bridge I say, which provides no shade whatsoever!


Photographed from various angles I hope you like my perspectives of this instantly recognizable landmark in Sydney.

The Natural World

A trip up to the Blue Mountains has provided the material for this theme, though I could have used any number of photos from this trip so far. As those of you who kindly read this blog will know, I love to play with angles, perspectives and composition as well as seeking out shapes, textures and strong horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. I have some super city shots that will find themselves in a post at some stage. Meanwhile here is the natural world.

More images of the flora in Australia can be found on my Earth Laughs in Flowers blog where I am challenging my Aussie pals to identify the wonderful varieties they have there.


Today we are asked to consider how photographers ‘draw with light’.  Leaving Shelly Beach in Manly the early evening light cast a warm glow on these sea kayakers.

warmthAnd I can’t resist a photo of another Eastern Water Dragon basking in the warmth of the sun on a rock in the Chinese Friendship Garden.

warmth 2


And finally I leave you with a mysterious art installation in the centre of the CBD.


Hopefully next week I will have a more constant connection and be able to post and comment a bit more, in between finding new subjects to photograph, naturally 🙂



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I live in the UK, but when I was younger I spent several years travelling the world followed by a period living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

69 thoughts on “PhotoGRAPHy 101: Week 2”

  1. I despair of hotels charging for wifi. Outrageous. I love your photos of the Blue Mountains and indeed the art thingy in the CBD. I don’t recall that. Is it recent? I was last there in 2006.

    1. It’s indecent – the wifi charges that is. Only get away with it because these places run on conferences and business men who don’t care as they just charge it on expenses. I honestly don’t know why they can’t all just do video conferencing, except that it would put a lot of hotels and airlines out of business! (Rant over…)

  2. Sorry to hear of your connection problems. Strange to read about the hot weather too, when it is so gloomy here. Great shots of the Opera House though, as we almost never see any unusual perspectives of that building. I hope that you continue to enjoy your stay, despite the Internet problems.
    Regards as always, Pete. x

    1. Oh Pete, I wish I could bottle the light and bring it back with me. It is so much brighter than what we get even in the middle of summer. Supposed to get hotter this week too which may limit my travels, I would like to do more walks but I’m not so good in the high humidity. Will look for shady places 🙂

    1. Hopefully it will be OK next week. Have my doubts about New Zealand though…

      I have some lovely geometric shots of some of the high rise buildings here in the CBD. I must try and put a post together to showcase them. I have a crick in my neck from looking up!

        1. The cabin we are renting is supposed to have broadband/internet so we shall see what that means! Still another couple of weeks before then though so hopefully I will get some posts written 🙂 Especially if it is too hot to go out!

    1. Thank you Tess 🙂 I have already taken loads of photos so selecting just a few is hard, but I am using this challenge to focus on a few. There will be a lot of posts about Australia when I am back in the UK in the depth of winter – you will get to know this part of the world very well 😀

  3. Lovely synopsis of various locations – I was unaware of the intriguing patterns on the opera house. Dragons, lizards, and gekkos always give me pause; they carry our prehistoric past in every step. And the cage art is awesome – i don’t care for birds as pets, but have collected a few artistic bird cages and birdhouses myself 😊

    I was surprised to hear about the wi-fi charges. The hotels I’ve stayed in here and in france & austria did not charge for usage. That is definitely frustrating.

    Glad you are enjoying yourself 💖

    1. Thank you Sammy. The patterns are fascinating! Cream tiles and white reflective tiles. The roof looks amazing in sunlight, but rather dingy when cloudy. The art installation is about all the birds that have been lost since the city has been built. I hate birds in captivity too.

        1. Exactly that. The installation is accompanied by bird song recordings from species that once sang in central Sydney, before Europeans settled and forced them away. Some can still be heard on the city margins. The names of the birds are carved into the paving stones, but I didn’t get them.

    1. It will that Jo! Though I hope to get some editing done here so I can work on the posts once back. I have a couple of walks already, and some fabulous windows for Dawn 😀

  4. Wonderful set of photos. Totally reinvigorated my need to revisit Sydney again! The mysterious picture is really intriguing. Whereabouts in the CBD is it?

  5. Jude I can very much appreciate the challenges of traveling and searching for the illusive Wifi. what a lovely post in spite of it all. It warms my heart, and makes me a bit envious, that you got to meet the wonderful M-R in person. The bird cage art exhibit is astounding. I feel as though I am standing there with you gazing at it.

    1. Well you know me Sue, always up for a challenge. Even though it can be testing at times (not to mention the fear of meeting the indomitable matron of the internet…). I shall try and be a bit more active this week if the connection at my son’s flat is any good!

  6. I love seeing my birth city and surrounds through your eyes. You do the Opera House proud, and your water dragon is perfect. Where’s your header taken? I’m also enjoying the way you use the themes to shape the digest of your week. Wi-fi at your disposal at my place!

    1. I love the patterns on the Opera House. I had some photos from my first visit enlarged and framed – but really wanted some much better ones so was determined to do so. The themes are helping me to put together a summary of the week, and so far I have had no difficulty in finding a suitable image! The header is from the floor of the Customs House Library. A pretty cool place!

  7. You are obviously out on a GREAT trip, Jude. Gorgeous photos. I envy you! 🙂 I’d love to meet the fabulous M-R, hopefully it will come through one day. Now we are awaiting you in Cley. 🙂 Here it’s nice and a lot cooler … Wifi on the road can be a pain, that’s why we took a pause from blogging, it was so frustrating with the weak connections and lost words and whatever.
    Now enjoy your holiday and take good care, Siri and Selma tell you please; not to do too much on a hot day and make sure you drink enough, chill out! 🙂
    Big hug from the Four of us,
    Dina xxxx

    1. Totally agree with the lost connections! Took me ages to upload these photos and they are very small files too! I almost gave up on the writing of this post until I managed to log on to the free wifi here in the hotel which (so far) hasn’t logged me off.

      M-R is a wonderful lady. We hit it off immediately, like old friends. I shall definitely have to do a trip to Cley and also oop north to meet up with Jo, the Restless one. And yes, chilling out, drinking lots of water and finding shade is definitely what I shall do when the temperature rises 😀
      (I am trying to find places where the fayries gather for the girls 🙂 )

      1. 🙂 How lovely – Siri and Selma are absolutely thrilled about effort about the fayries, dear Jude.:-)
        Tak good care of yourself, the heat down under right now would slow me down, I know for sure …
        Big *hug* from all of us,
        see you some day in Cley!

    1. What a lovely compliment Gilly – thank you! Although there is the usual tourist shot included, just in case anyone didn’t recognise it from the other angles 😉

  8. This is a most wonderful post in celebration of Sydney, Jude !!! – with the exception of the old bird with the yellow teeth. (That is, I think, the single genuinely INFURIATING thing about getting older – that one’s teeth, of which one is so proud for having kept all along, change to such a loathesome colour.)
    Sorry, it’s NOT all about me …
    You are an excellent photographer: you work with creativity and brains, and there’s nothing quite like a photo taken by someone who actually THINKS about the subject, as you do. Plus, of course, you talk !!! – and imnsho, this is the key.
    Remember our mutual friend Lignum Draco ? –
    Gosh, I’m sorry we shan’t be meeting again … you are a MOST companionable person !!!

    1. The wood dragon introduced me to the installation, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it – of course his photos are far better than mine, he is a very accomplished photographer. I wrote down a list of things that Aussies mentioned on their blogs that I knew I’d find interesting.

      And we can meet up again if you’d like to. I am happy to come back into the city next week. There are other areas I want to explore near the CBD. And I have my OPAL card 🙂

      1. I should LOVE to. I really don’t have the energy, yet, for exploration: I think it’ll take me a few weeks to get back some muscle strength. But if there were the slightest possibility of your coming by for lunch on Wednesday – early, so that you could have time for peregrinating (is that a word ?) – I would pretend to turn cartwheels !!! {grin}

        1. Wed is good as long as it isn’t TOO hot! We could have brunch? Do you eat eggs? I’m thinking fruit juice, scrambled eggs, coffee? Oh, and what number bus comes near you if I want to catch one?

        2. 443 in York St in front of the QVB, or 501 in George St opposite the Town Hall.
          Brunch sounds GREAT ! – we can do that with knobs on !!
          Around 10 – 10:30 ?

  9. What a great virtual diary of your trip with its link to photo101. Enjoying every moment of it Judy. Thanks for sharing, particularly as it brings back great memories of our trip to all the same sites a few years ago. Best wishes 🙂

  10. Don’t even get me started on the cost of internet here. We got cheaper and better access in Vietnam, for Pete’s sake. Love your photos, Jude. Always refreshing to see familiar places through a visitor’s eyes. And how lucky you were to gain an audience with the illustrious M-R. 🙂

  11. What a super trip you’re having, Jude. I’m so glad you’re able to post quite often, despite your internet woes. To get 5 challenges into one post is no mean feat, but you managed it with aplomb. What a sweet Water Dragon, and those birdcages are astounding. 🙂 Keep on having lots of fun. xx

    1. So many thanks to you for the info about the installation. I wouldn’t have found it otherwise. And there was no-one else there either. I’m back at my son’s in Dee Why now so no problem with internet for a week. But thanks for the heads-up in the CBD. I’m going to try and get over to Waverley cemetery during the week if I can work out the route!

    1. You’re welcome Tina. Do you have your trip on your blog? I shall have to gave a look if you have as you will have some incredible photos. I’m off to NZ too for a brief visit. Mainly to meet my grandson’s NZ family and relax, but hope to see a bit of the country if possible 🙂

  12. Terrific way to show us your views on Sydney. Lovely idea combining with photo 101. Those bird cages are so different, it seems not many Aussies, including me, have come across them.. How much longer are you here?

      1. You must come again that is way too short a visit Jude. But you will have lots of photos to play with and remind you of the sunshine when you get back to the UK

  13. J enjoyed the variety here 🙂 and lunch w/ M-R – super cool! 🙂 – oh and I like how the bird cages was the ending pic – kind of a nice floating feel to end the post. 🙂

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