WPC: Refraction

Red, orange and pink clouds occur almost entirely at sunrise and sunset and are the result of the scattering of sunlight by the atmosphere. When the angle between the sun and the horizon is less than 10 percent, as it is just after sunrise or just prior to sunset, sunlight becomes too red due to refraction for any colours other than those with a reddish hue to be seen. ~Wikipedia


I used to live in a second-storey flat that faced east-west. This meant that we could view both sunrises and sunsets. The most spectacular sunsets were in the autumn months. I miss those skies.



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I now live back in the UK, but spent several years travelling the world and then living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

35 thoughts on “WPC: Refraction”

  1. ~Absolutely gorgeous these Jude, no wonder you miss those views. I hope you have a lovely weekend…I’m maxed out on codeine (and antibiotics, yuck) thanks to a routine dental visit that turned into a surgical extraction into the bone. Never mind, it was better out than in as they say and thank God for pain meds is all I can say 😉 xx

    1. It was one of the delights of living there. Not at all sure why it was so much better at this time of year, maybe something to do with the angle of the sun?

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