Travel Theme: Interior

If you are wondering what to do with all your empty wine bottles then how about building a folly?

 A sparkling interior.

This 5,000 recycled wine bottle folly is in Westonbury Mill Water Garden near the “Black and White” village of Pembridge in Herefordshire.


I’ll even help you to drink the wine 🙂

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I live in the UK, but when I was younger I spent several years travelling the world followed by a period living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

57 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Interior”

  1. Hmm, I could like this DIY project muchly 🙂 Jokes aside, the rickety part-built gazebo in my previous garden had alcohol bottles as the foundation. At first T thought it was a clever recyling project until a neighbour told me the owner before me was an alcoholic who would retire to the garden under the pretext of doing DIY and drink his fill where his wife couldn’t see. I found empty booze bottles all over the 1000 square metre plot for years afterwards, buried under the ground and hidden in bushes.

      1. What I found weren’t an option – an array of cheap and nasties. Remember Autumn Harvest “Cracking”? Loads of those and Hunter’s Dry, Savanna and others in all sizes. Six years on we were still digging them up 🙂

  2. LOL at first glance, I thought I might need to schedule an ‘intervention’ for you.

    Jude quote: “I only drank it for the love of art.”

    PS It’s very cool 🙂

  3. I was going to help you drink the wine but I see Sue has beaten me to it! Let me see . . . 5000 bottles between three of us . . . that would take . . . oh many happy evenings!

  4. This is amazing, never seen anything like it and your photos are great Jude, love the different angles. Maybe my family could try something like this after Christmas 😉

        1. I did see one made out of straw bales and mud in the garden of house we went to view. It was an experiment, and I liked it so much I was very tempted to put in an offer on the house!

  5. What a great find, some people are so creative and I find myself thinking “now why didn’t I think of that???” Then I think of all the bottles I have thrown out, what a waste….Would be nice to join your wine drinking group. I will be there in “spirit” Jude!!!!

    1. Welcome PP – we’ll shift up to make room for you. Oh, and bring some of that delicious NZ Pinot Noir along 😀

      Actually I can see this building in your garden, it would suit it I think.

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