Travel Theme: Orange

Having received this photo today from New Zealand of my youngest grandson (four months old today) I have to share it with you as he decided to join in with this week’s theme.


Oh no, please don’t send me out to dig drains!


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I live in the UK, but when I was younger I spent several years travelling the world followed by a period living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

53 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Orange”

  1. Just say no little buddy. Tell them you haven’t seen the lay of the land yet and have lots of time before you work.
    What an expression. Oh my. Why are kids so darn CUTE? I just got a whiff of that baby smell. Mmm. ❤

    1. I don’t usually do family posts but this was just so apt I couldn’t resist. He does look better than when his father dressed him though 😉

  2. So cute Jude, what an expression of wonder…
    I heard on Jo’s post you are coming to Australia in November? Where will you be staying? We will be back home on the GC by then.

    1. Hi PP. In Sydney for 2-3 weeks, then possibly NZ for 2 weeks and a week at the end during which I have no firm plans. Possibly a trip up to the GC?

        1. I have been up there before, but it was 1998! Drove up from Sydney to Noosa and Fraser Island. How far is Byron Bay from you?

        2. Since they put in the new motorway it is less than an hour. The scenic drive (much better) is about another half hour, but lots longer if you stop for photos, exploring little villages etc. We moved to the GC from NZ in 1998… A lots changed in that time.

  3. Oh, Jude, thank you for a sorely needed chuckle today and a lovely promise that the friends and family we lose to death come back to us in the eyes of babies. He is absolutely darling; I hope you get to see him in the near future (?)

    1. November Sammy. Flights booked so I will be there, even if I have nowhere to stay yet 😉 He was born prematurely so we are all very pleased that he is doing so well. Small but perfectly formed!

    1. He lives in Sydney, but his Mommy is from NZ so he is out there visiting the family. How often do you get to see your grand-kids then Aletta? It’s difficult when they are so far away.

    1. Julia (his Mommy) is from NZ so the plan is to go over there for a couple of weeks. I have always wanted to go, so this is a good excuse to get a flavour of the country.

    1. Yes, wasn’t it nice of him to wear orange for the challenge? Though he doesn’t look too sure of the effect. A nice African theme going on below – love those orange giraffes 😀

    1. Thanks Marion. Yes it will be so nice to see him – he was only 1.2 kg at birth so it has been a worrying time. He is becoming a real cutie 🙂

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