A Table and a Tablecloth

In Cape Town one thing dominates the horizon, and that is Table Mountain – not Table Top as I have heard it called, but simply Table. There are several such named mountains in the world, but only one with views like this one.

Make sure you get up to the top if the weather is good – you won’t regret it.

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Rotating Cable Car Rotating Cable Car

Considering the number of years during which I lived in Cape Town plus numerous visits since, it is surprising that I have only ever been on top of Table Mountain on three previous occasions and then only once was a bright and beautiful day when you could see for miles. The thing you have to remember about this particular mountain is that it often gets covered in cloud (the ‘Tablecloth’) blown in from the Atlantic by a wind known to locals as the ‘Cape Doctor‘, especially in the summer months. And if it is windy then the cable car does not operate – so don’t rely on it to get you back down.

If  you intend to visit the Mother City and want to go up the iconic mountain then my advice is that you keep your eye on the weather forecasts and get up there as soon as you can. Don’t…

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