Ludlow: Along the Linney

We’ll stop briefly and have a look at the views towards the South Shropshire Hills from the church green before continuing through the town walls and the site of one of seven original gates – Linney Gate – which overlooks the Linney – a damp riverside area probably used for the growing of flax in early medieval times.

Continue down Upper Linney, a narrow cobbled lane which has what looks like old rail/cart tracks running down the hill, with very small houses huggled together on either side; the ones on your left squeezed against the old town wall. Given there is a building which was used to manufacture nails (Cooper and Bluck’s Nail Manufactory 1854) I am guessing there was some light industry carried out along here, but I haven’t actually been able to find out much about the area. Nowadays most of these houses appear to be holiday lets.

If you turn left here and follow the road beneath the foot of Ludlow Castle ramparts you will reach Mr Underhills a Michelin starred restaurant ‘with rooms’ on the banks of the River Teme. Booking is essential! We will turn right though and head down the steps to follow the Linney as far as the corner with the farm on your left guarded by two large stone lions. Walk straight ahead through a kissing gate and over a small bridge crossing the River Corve. This section over the Corve Meadow may be very muddy after rain. Look back here for a glimpse of the castle behind you.

For my other walk in Ludlow, around the River Teme, please click here.

To continue we are going to have a look at Lower Corve Street.


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I live in the UK, but when I was younger I spent several years travelling the world followed by a period living in South Africa. I look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

2 thoughts on “Ludlow: Along the Linney”

  1. Such a wonderfully English landscape, Jude (for a Welsh one 🙂 ) Many thanks for sharing. Our son was small when we were here and I’d really rather like to go back as a ‘couple’. Are you any nearer to moving yet? 🙂

    1. No nearer to moving. Since the Penzance house fell through shortly before Christmas I have been quite down about the whole house scenario. And after the horrific winter in the south-west I’m not even sure I want to move down there now. But I do so badly want a garden 😦

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