PhotoGRAPHy 101: Week 2

Round-up of week 2 of this challenge and more of my temporary abode. Wi-fi has been in short supply this week mostly due to the corrupt practice that large corporate hotel-chains have of charging exorbitant rates for a connection. Even though we paid for 24 hours in the room, that was restricted to one, yes you read that correctly, one device.  I was able to have an hour free in the lobby with a weak connection. My best connection was in the Customs House library, a lovely place close to the Circular Quays, which was not only free, but also not time restricted.  And, if you are wondering, you also get 45 mins or 300 Mb on the ferries. All of which leads into the first theme of the week:


It seemed appropriate to post an image of Sydney Harbour Bridge aka ‘The Coathanger’ because of its arch-based design, as this iconic bridge connects the north shore and the CBD.


More connections are made at the aforementioned Customs House Library and a rather lovely connection has been made  with a fellow blogger, the irascible ( ;-) )Margaret Rose Stringer who very kindly provided me with a lovely lunch and a good old chin-wag on one of the hottest days in Sydney so far. Arriving hot, sweaty and red in the face she must have thought I was going to expire on her doorstep – blame it on the Pyrmont Bridge I say, which provides no shade whatsoever!


Photographed from various angles I hope you like my perspectives of this instantly recognizable landmark in Sydney.

The Natural World

A trip up to the Blue Mountains has provided the material for this theme, though I could have used any number of photos from this trip so far. As those of you who kindly read this blog will know, I love to play with angles, perspectives and composition as well as seeking out shapes, textures and strong horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. I have some super city shots that will find themselves in a post at some stage. Meanwhile here is the natural world.

More images of the flora in Australia can be found on my Earth Laughs in Flowers blog where I am challenging my Aussie pals to identify the wonderful varieties they have there.


Today we are asked to consider how photographers ‘draw with light’.  Leaving Shelly Beach in Manly the early evening light cast a warm glow on these sea kayakers.

warmthAnd I can’t resist a photo of another Eastern Water Dragon basking in the warmth of the sun on a rock in the Chinese Friendship Garden.

warmth 2


And finally I leave you with a mysterious art installation in the centre of the CBD.


Hopefully next week I will have a more constant connection and be able to post and comment a bit more, in between finding new subjects to photograph, naturally :)


PhotoGRAPHy 101: Week 1

As I have been travelling for two days during this week I haven’t had the time to register for this challenge  so I am putting together a post to meet the five themes introduced this week and at the same time introduce you to my new neighbourhood (albeit temporary).


HomeSydney, NSW, Australia is home to 4.576 million people and is the most populous city in Australia and Oceania. It is also home to my eldest son and family.


Corso in Manly

The Corso in Manly is one of Sydney’s more famous streets and runs from the harbour side at Manly Wharf to the ocean side at Manly Beach. In my image the focus is on the Victorian building on the left of the street with the palm trees and the people forming the background.


Sydneysiders are lucky to have many beautiful beaches on their doorstep. This is the surf at Dee Why, one of the northern beaches. Finding this odd iron piling along the beach I couldn’t decide whether a vertical or horizontal composition suits it best. Which version do you prefer?


Lorenzo in his ‘sunnys’

This theme asks you to consider what the word bliss means.   To me, today, bliss means that first cuddle with a new grandchild. Bliss to him was wearing his shades to block out the glare of that Australian sunshine.



The Manly Scenic Walkway at Shelly Beach. Today we are asked to consider placement of the subject in a photograph. My focus was on the bench, but I waited until a solitary figure appeared on the bend of the track and lined up the horizon with the metal railings to frame the sea from the sky. I was also rather pleased that the bench colour matched the sea and the lines were at a nice angle to the lines of the railings. Often a photo can look to be accidental, but I moved around quite a bit to get this deliberate shot.

All Hallows’ Eve

I’m not a fan of the commercialised Halloween. When I was growing up it barely existed in the UK, although the Christian practice of remembering the dead, including saints (hallows) and martyrs, goes back centuries.  Trick and Treat and dressing up in scary costumes was an American ‘thing’. Instead we looked forward to Bonfire Night on 5 November. With accompanying ‘guy’, fireworks, bonfire toffee, Yorkshire Parkin, baked potatoes, mushy peas and toffee apples.  Weeks before were spent collecting firewood, making the guy and saving pennies to buy sparklers, crackerjacks and catherine wheels.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November.
Gun powder, treason and plot
I see no reason, why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

But the fifth of November has been overtaken by  Halloween.  A vivid reminder of just how powerfully American culture and American consumerism can be transported across the Atlantic. Local shops create window displays suitable for the season. and now my own grandchildren look forward to dressing up as ghouls and ghosties and knocking on the neighbours doors for a treat.

Me? I just close the curtains and pretend I’m not in.

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